need for speed

we've got a problem. a speed problem, to be specific. see, the world around us, and maybe even us, is completely and utterly obsessed with being fast. how do you wake up in the morning on a monday? whenever's natural, or when your loud, blaring alarm shocks you out of your sleep? how many of us don't get enough sleep? how many of us are scared of our alarms? i know i am - i still shudder whenever i hear it in a show or a movie.. isn't that messed up?

how did we get here in the first place?

so, why do we wake up so early? it's a pretty simple reason - work(or school, which is the same thing). we need to get up early so we can work, so we can produce, so we can be given money in exchange, so we can survive. ultimately, we wake up so we can produce. we have an economy and we have businesses and companies and corporations and all they care about is production. we produce things for them, and they let us live. our value to them is defined by our ability to produce. if our purpose is to live, and we are allowed to live by working, then it can be said that our purpose is production.

(fill later) productivity is the measure of how much we can produce in a given period of time. if we are more productive, we produce more than someone less productive, given the same amount of time. the goal of any production-oriented organisation is, logically, to increase production. this can be done in two ways - increase how much is produced, or decrease how much time it takes to produce it. this is where our problem begins.

production is not a means to an end to the machinery of the society. we work to live, but we are made to work so that we can produce. most major technological development is focused on making things faster. the back